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Why Train Beyond Sit?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The concept for Beyond Sit developed when I realized many of my training clients were calling because they were exasperated with their dog’s behavior. When I asked about previous training they often said they had taken them to class and proceeded to demonstrate that their dog was proficient in sit, lay down, and maybe stay or a handful of other behaviors, but just didn’t know how to behave in everyday life. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that traditional training classes lacked in day to day skills that are so important for a dog to truly fit into your family.

We focus on choice-based learning solutions, because it creates a dog that knows how to think, and wants to make good decisions to earn life rewards. We also focus on relationship building so that you are the keeper of your dog’s fun, not a weight at the end of their leash keeping them away from the fun. To accomplish this, we determine what is rewarding to your dog, and use that to motivate them. We do NOT use choke chains, prong/pincher collars, shock collars, or any of the short cut tools that train your dog using fear or pain. I want your dog to look forward to training, and more importantly, to be excited given the chance to live their best life with you.

If you are ready to train beyond sit, get in touch today.

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