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Meet Katrin Moffroid
Your New Favorite Trainer

Positively Fun Training

Compassionate. Patient. Knowledgeable. These are just a few of the characteristics that make me the trainer you want to work with. I know each dog is different, and I’ll work with you and yours to implement a specific training plan to get the results you are looking for. Whether you’re thinking about getting an animal, have a new pup, or already own a pet who needs basic training, behavior modification, or increased enrichment, I am here to help.

I use positive reinforcement paired with choice based training methods to first teach your dog how to learn, and then get them to want to make good choices. No prong, shock or e-collars and no TV show training gimmicks, I focus on improving your relationship with your dog so they want to become the loyal and trusting family companion you always hoped to have. 

Beyond Sit Dog Trainer Katin
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