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Puppy Manners


You brought your adorable new family member home, now what? Being overwhelmed by all of the details and requirements of puppy raising is totally normal. In this 4 session one-on-one class we go over all things puppy, including potty training, socialization, behavioral issues, enrichment, and body handling as well as dive into basic manners including impulse control games, finding your bed, greeting people, come, down, beginning leash skills and of course, sit.

Cost: $300 (4 separate 1-hour at home sessions)

Basic Manners for the Family Dog


Do you have a teenage jumper, a naughty counter surfer, or a constant leash battle? Maybe a bit of each? Help your dog become a more integrated member of the family. With focus on basic manners and self-control, your dog can learn that good behavior pays off. Four sessions geared towards teaching a solid basic manners foundation, but personalized to the specific issues that your dog is facing.

Cost: $300 (Four separate 1-hour at home sessions)

Multi-dog package: $400 for four 90 minute at home sessions

Training Consult


If your animal needs help with a specific behavioral issue or a tune up on previous training, a consultation with Beyond Sit may be a great option for you. Set up an in-home consult to discuss basic training and individual behavioral concerns. While most behaviors can not be fixed in an hour, we work together to develop a personalized plan to fit your pets needs and your lifestyle.

Cost: $100/hour

Dog Walk and Train


Have you heard that expending your dog’s mental energy is equally important to meeting their physical exercise requirements? By combining a mid-day walk with an individually tailored training session your dog why not do both? Each dog and owner receives a customized training plan based on what your dog needs to be a good family member. In order to see continued progress we recommend a minimum of 2 training walks per week and we will go over all methods and goals with the owner so that there will be consistency in application.

Packages start at $400/4 week session (2 walks/week, about 45 minutes each)

Puppy Socialization Outings


Socialization time is a critical step in puppy development. Positive connections to new people, places, and scenarios will leave a lasting impression and help create a stable and confident adult companion dog. Similarly, negative experiences during this time can lead to a fearful and timid dog later in life. If you don’t have the extra time to provide these experiences for your new pup, then one of my puppy socialization packages is right for you. Types of outings can include positive visits to local pet friendly businesses, as well as introductions to new people and novel items (e.g. umbrellas) and surfaces (such as metal or vinyl). All outings will be based on your vet's recommendations with respect to your pups vaccine schedule. 

Cost: $100/session includes pick-up and drop off at your home, transport to training on location. Packages available.

Tricks and Enrichment


Enrichment through trick training, agility training, and playing with your dog is the perfect way to tire them out mentally, build your bond, impress your friends, or just get great photos! Start by teaching them fetch or high five, but after that the possibilities are endless. Let me know if you want to get started on earning your own trick dog certificate.

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