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Camp Gone to the Dogs

A unique dog training day camp experience for your child and your dog!

Beyond Sit is excited to offer Camp Gone to the Dogs! An exciting and educational day camp experience for dogs and their young humans. Campers will learn how to train basic obedience commands, as well as more advanced skills such as agility and trick training. In addition, campers will learn some basic care and grooming and participate in fun dog-related activities, such as toy and treat making.

Camp will be located at our home-based training facility in Hollis, NH. We will have a small camper – staff ratio and will be led by certified professional dog trainer Katrin Moffroid. Each day, campers and dogs will have the opportunity to participate in multiple group training activities, such as agility, trick, and obedience classes. Between training sessions, campers will continue their learning and play while dogs are crated or in exercise pens for rest and enrichment time. This is not a dog daycare environment, and dogs will not be socializing with other dogs throughout the day.

Who is eligible to attend camp? Children should 10 and over (please ask if you think your younger child would be a good fit), and able to keep their dog with them on leash. We will work on this skill throughout the week, but if there is a big mismatch in size and strength of your dog and your child, please ask before registering. All dogs must be both people and dog friendly, and dogs must be able to be handled by the child attending camp. If you are not sure if your dog is a suitable candidate, please contact us with any questions and to schedule an evaluation.

If your child would like to attend, but your dog is not a good candidate for camp at this time, or you do not currently have a dog, please feel free to contact us to attend with one of Beyond Sit’s “loaner” dogs while at camp. Camp Gone to the Dogs is a great way for dogs and their owners to bond, learn new skills, and have fun. The camp is open to dogs of all ages and breeds, and no prior training experience is necessary.

Why attend camp? Here are some of the benefits of our junior dog training summer camp:

  • Dogs learn basic manners.

  • Dogs learn more advanced skills, such as agility and trick training.

  • Humans learn how to train their dogs effectively.

  • Humans develop a strong bond with their dogs.

  • Dogs and humans have a blast!

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